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An Opportunity for Superior Parenting Advice from Jeanna Beker

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You will need to pay prior to consulting with Jeanna Beker.  Our fees are -

Initial Consultation - 
Ms. Beker will first review your responses to the detailed questionnaire you will get, and she will spend 60 minutes with you by phone getting more details, clarifying goals, developing a plan for your following sessions, and starting to talk about your priority issue.  This first step (questionnaire review and one hour of phone time) is billed at $200.

Ongoing Consulting Sessions -
Ongoing sessions are billed after the Initial Consulting  (see above) is completed.  A single on-going session is billed at $110.  Multiple  sessions purchased at one time are billed at $100 each.  You have the option to pay for one or more  sessions at a time.  

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