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Great Parenting Advice!  Discuss your parenting concerns 
and questions by phone directly with Jeanna Beker,
Executive Director of the Soho Center

Jeanna Beker is the founder and Executive Director of the Soho Center, a 41 year-old national non-profit dealing with important family and young children's issues.  She has years of experience giving parenting advice and is ready to personally help you with your parenting questions and plans. 

Under Jeanna Beker's leadership, the Soho Center created and for 18 years operated the Children's Energy Center, the largest early childhood program in Manhattan.  Her clients included Meryl Streep, S.I. Newhouse, Frank Stella, Betsy Johnson, families of the musicians from NBC's Saturday Night Live, and many other first-time parents - from doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives to stay-at-home mothers and fathers.

For over 30 years, Ms. Beker has developed and run numerous parenting workshops as well as provided private consulting and coaching on a variety of early childhood, child care, and family issues.  

In a unique collaboration with the 41 year-old Soho Center, FirstClassParents.com is making Ms. Beker available to a select number of parents for direct, completely confidential, one-on-one telephone consulting and coaching.  Availability is very limited.

Here is a unique opportunity for you to discuss your particular concerns with Jeanna Beker and benefit from her decades of practical, usable parenting advice to help you, your family, and your child become the best you can.





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Home-Schooling, Language Skills, Limit-Setting and Discipline, Manners and Social Skills, Media/Movies/Television/Computer Games
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