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Fees for this Unique Opportunity
All consulting is confidential and is directly with Jeanna Beker, not with some staff person.  This is your personal opportunity to benefit from Jeanna Beker's decades of 
successful child development and child-related work.

 All payment transactions are done securely through PayPal. You can use your existing PayPal account or use the PayPal interface to pay with your credit card.

Initial Consultation - 
This initial consultation starts with us e-mailing you a detailed questionnaire.  In it you can tell Jeanna Beker about you, your child or children, your family situation, and your goals.  Ms. Beker will carefully review your answers and will spend up to 60 minutes with you by phone getting more details, clarifying goals, developing a plan for your following sessions, and starting to talk about your priority issue.  This initial consultation (questionnaire review and one hour of phone time with Jeanna Beker) is billed at $200.

On-going Consulting Sessions
On-going one-hour sessions are available after the Initial Consultation (see above) is completed.  As we work together, you will be able to bring up and discuss any topic or concern you have about parenting and helping your child.  Ms. Beker's goal is to give you what you need in as efficient a manner as possible. A single on-going session is billed at $110; multiple sessions billed at the same time are billed at $100 per session.


Please contact Jeanna Beker at 540-923-5012 or by e-mail before you make your payment to check on availability and to set up a convenient time for your initial consultation.

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